Here are some of our custom programming projects.

For NASA - Johnson Space Center Immunology Laboratory for Bioastronautics
Calculate the results for immune assessments of Astrounauts returning from Shuttle and International Space Station missions. Programs were first used on the Shuttle Atlantis Mission STS 115
For a large insurance company
Assist in the design and implementation of a large rating system for group health and life insurance plans.

For the currency trading rooms of a multinational bank.
Build a database of client preferences for multinational marketing.

For a National Institute of Health funded research project to monitor the concentration of therapeutic drugs in blood samples from HIV-AIDS patients.
Design and implement a database and calculation system for a clinical study.  Samples are collected at different clinics in the United States of America and analyzed at laboratories located around the world.  
The database system maintains patient questionnaire data, tracks sample locations, collects labratory results, and presents the data for statistical analysis.  
The calculation system collects data from a fluorometer and calculates results.  

For a manufacturer of immunological test kits for clinical laboratories:
Customize, distribute, and support branded versions of the ELISA Calc program to collect, calculate, and report results of  data from ELISA readers and transmit results to laboratory information systems.  The program also collects orders from EMR systems, collects results from various clinical laboratory analyzers, and returns results to the EMR

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