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 ELISA Analysis

ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) is a laboratory method for measuring antigen or antibody concentrations.   Applications in immunology range from diagnostic tests for HIV, infectious diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis in humans, to tests for viral infections in cats, cows, and honey bees.

An excellent overview of ELISA analysis is available at this site.   

Once the ELISA chemistry is completed, the results must be collected by an ELISA reader and calculated.  Customized Applications has developed programs to collect the data and perform all the necessary calculations.

Customized Applications' first ELISA reader program was released in 1991.  That program was called TERIS, the TheraTest ELISA Reader Information System.    ELISA analysis has changed since 1991, and so have our programs.  The following two programs were designed with the needs of the laboratory technician in mind.

 ELISA Calc Lite
ELISA Calc Lite collects data from an ELISA reader and places it into a Microsoft Excel workbook.   The program is designed for laboratories that repeatedly perform the same set of analyses which can be computed by a Microsoft Excel workbook.

One mouse click reads the data and places it in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

It doesn't matter if the Microsoft Excel workbook is of your own design, or if it was created at Customized Applications.

System requirements

A free evaluation copy of ELISA Calc Lite , along with six Excel workbook files is available. Single copies of ELISA Calc Lite are priced at $200.

ELISA Calc is a fully featured program that collects data from ELISA readers, calculates results for a variety of different test kits, and generates reports.  A Module is available which transmits data to a laboratory information system.   Primary features include:

User defined plate layouts and calculations.
A sample and a client database.

A variety of formatted reports and graphs

Detailed flagging for validation and reporting.

User defined  variables for calculations, flags and reports.

Transmit data to a Laboratory Information System.

Single copies of ELISA Calc are priced at $1,500.  Modules which transmit data to a Laboratory Information System require an additional setup fee.

System requirements


 TERIS  -  TheraTest  ELISA Reader Information System

TERIS, the TheraTest  ELISA Reader Information System, is available free of charge to users of TheraTest Labs ELISA test kits.   It, too,  is a fully featured program which collects data from ELISA Readers, calculates results, and genertates reports.  Modules which enable a laboratory to define their own unique plate layouts and calculations, and  which transmit data to a Laboratory Information System are available for an additional fee.

System requirements


 TERIS Tutorial
You may download a free tutorial which covers the typical operation of TERIS in a clinical laboratory.  The tutorial contains many examples of TERIS menus, data entry forms and reports.  TERIS does not have to be installed on your computer to run the tutorial.

The tutorial includes a PowerPoint viewer,  uses Microsoft Agent talking, animated characters, and was developed using Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software.


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