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A fully functional version of ELISA CALC Lite is available for sixty (60) day evaluation.  The evaluation copy includes ELISA CALC Lite and two Microsoft Excel workbook files to perform calculations on data collected by ELISA CALC Lite.  

 Installing the evaluation copy of ELISA Calc

Please check the System Requirements page for computer and ELISA reader compatibilities before downloading the program.

Download the evaluation copy.     (SETUPECL.EXE  8.2MB)
Note that the evaluation copy includes five Microsoft Excel workbook files for ANA antigen analyses.
After the download is complete, locate SETUPECL.EXE in the Windows Explorer.
Execute it by double clicking on the name.
When the Setup program requests a password, simply press enter.

Startup Note:  ELISA Calc Lite will appear as a very small form located at the upper left corner of your desktop.  

The first thing it does is to launch Microsoft Excel.   If the Excel window covers the upper left of your desk top, it will hide the ELISA Calc Lite form.

At the end of the sixty (60) day evaluation period, you must either register and purchase a license for ELISA Calc Lite, or you must remove the evaluation program from your computer.


Prices for ELISA Calc Lite are:

ELISA Calc Lite + 5 Microsoft Excel workbook files
Additional Microsoft Excel workbook files
$100 each

Registration is by mail.   An order form is included as file Order.wpd with the evaluation copy, or you may print the order form on-line from this web site.

After registering your version of ELISA Calc Lite, you will recive an authorization code.


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