Do you need to automate a part of your business,  perform unusual computations, or generate special reports, but can't find the right software for the job?

If off the shelf computer programs aren't providing the information you need, custom programming services might help.

Custom programs to handle your firm's unique needs do not need to be expensive.   Current programming technology, and our large library of program modules, enable us to develop custom programs faster, and at a lower cost, than ever before.

Our Tools
We use state of the art Microsoft Active X / COM components to build your application,  and we implement in one of the most flexible Rapid Application Development systems on the market today,  the COGNOS \ APL2000  APL+Win system.  The advantage to our clients is that their programs are developed very quickly at low cost.

Our contract programming experience includes Medical, Scientific, Engineering, Insurance, Financial Service, and Communications applications.

Contact for more information on how custom programs might make a difference for you.

We also have a line of software products for collecting and analyzing data from medical instruments.

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