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ELISA Calc Lite collects data from an ELISA reader and places it into a Microsoft Excel workbook.   

This is what ELISA Calc Lite looks like.  

ELISA Calc Lite Main Forrm

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Get information about Microsoft Excel workbooks for ELISA calculations.

The program  collects absorbance data from a reader with a single mouse click, and places it in a Microsoft Excel workbook.

You can use our preprogrammed Excel workbooks, or you can program your own calculations and reports.

The Microsoft Excel workbooks designed by Customized Applications use the first worksheet to hold raw absorbance data,  as well as other data entry items, such as the concentrations of materials in standards and controls, the sample ID's, the patient names, etc.    Other worksheets in the workbook perform calculations, and format and print a variety of reports based on information in the Entry worksheet.  

Here is a sample of one of the calculated worksheets.
Raw, Net, Calc Report

We can also program special plate layouts and calculations for you.   The calculations can be as simple or as complex as needed.   Contact  Info@Customized-Applications.com, or phone Customized Applications, Inc. at  (708) 754-7859 to discuss workbooks or other programs designed to your specifications.

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