TERIS /mv -  TheraTest  ELISA Reader Information System  / millennium version

This is the latest release of the widly used TERIS program.  TERIS /mv, the TheraTest  ELISA Reader Information System / millennium version , is available to users of TheraTest Labs ELISA test kits.

TERIS /mv collects absorbance data from an ELISA reader, calculates the results, and reports the results in various formats.  There are facilities for maintaining a database of results by sample ID.  Calculations for all TheraTest Labs' ELISA kits are included.   

Modules which enable a laboratory to define their own unique plate layouts and calculations, and modules which transmit data to a Laboratory Information System are available for an additional fee.

Getting The TERIS Tutorial
You may download a free tutorial which covers the typical operation of TERIS in a clinical laboratory.  The tutorial contains many examples of TERIS menus, data entry forms, and reports.  

TERIS does not have to be installed on your computer to run the tutorial, nor is a password required to download the tutorial.   The tutorial includes a PowerPoint viewer,  uses Microsoft Agent talking, animated characters, and was developed using Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software.

See the TheraTest web site for details about the TheraTest test kits.

Getting The TERIS Program
TERIS /mv is available to users of TheraTest ELISA kits by download or on a CD-ROM.  Please check the System Requirements page for computer and ELISA reader compatibilities.

The download is approximtely 9MB, and a password is required.

The program is also available on CD-ROM for $US 10 shipping and handling.  Shipments outside the Unites States are subject to additional nominal postage fees.

After installation, an authorization number is required to enable TERIS /mv to read ELISA plates.  The authorization number will have to be renewed after about a year.   

Please check the System Requirements page for computer and ELISA reader compatibilities before downloading the program..

For a download password and an authorization number, or for a copy of the program on CD-ROM, contact either:

Customized Applications, Inc.           or              
836 N. Highland Drive
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
(708)  754-7859
TheraTest Laboratories
1111 N. Main Street
Lombard, IL 60148
(800) 441-0771

You may also request a password via e-mail to Support@Customized-Applications.com.    The password will come by e-mail  approximately 24 hours after is is requested.

Once you receive a password, complete the form on the TERIS Download page and download the program.

A password is not required to download the free TERIS tutorial.

TERIS /mv uses the Customized Applications ELISA Calc Engine

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