ELISA Calc Demo

A demo version of ELISA Calc is available by download or on a CD-ROM.   The demo version is fully functional, except that it will not read plates.  Please check the System Requirements page for computer and ELISA reader compatibilities.

The price is US$ 1,500 for single copies of the software.  Discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more copies.  Consulting and associated fees will be added if you wish to estalish communications between ELISA Calc and a Laboratory Information System.

The download is approximtely 11.5MB.

A password is required to download the program.   E-mail  Support@Customized-Applications.com  for passwords and instructions.   Please include your name, e-mail address,  and company name.

The program is also available on CD-ROM for US$ 10 shipping and handling.  Shipments outside the Unites States are subject to additional nominal postage fees.

AFTER you receive your password, complete the form below and press the Submit button to download the program.  The items marked with a * are required.


After the download, simply run setupELISACalc45.exe.  If the most recent version of the Microsoft Windows Installer is not already installed on your computer, setupELISACalc45.exe will install it, and you will be asked to restart your computer.  If the installation does not automatically resume after the restart, run setupELISACalc45.exe a second time.

Windows NT users, please note that ELISA Calc is installed by the Microsoft  Installer Engine Version 2.0.  
MSI version 2.0 requires NT Service Pack 6.0 or newer.

If you experience any difficulties with the password request, the download,  the installation, or with the program itself, please e-mail  Support@Customized-Applications.com  or phone Customized Applications at 708 754-7859.

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