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Please ensure that your computer system and ELISA reader are compatible with the program.

 Computer System Requirements
Operating System:   
A Pentium class IBM PC system running Windows 95, 98,  NT (Service Pack 6.0),  2000, ME, or XP.
Free disk space:  12MB for ELISA Calc,  12MB for TERIS /mv,  3.5MB for ELISA Calc Lite
A serial port or USB port to communicate with the ELISA reader.
Microsoft Excel 97 (or newer)  is required for ELISA Calc Lite, and recommended, but not required, for ELISA Calc and TERIS
 Reader Support
The current versions of  ELISA Calc (V 4.5) , ELISA Calc Lite (V 4.0) , and TERIS (V 4.5) support these ELISA readers:
Anthos Labtec 2001
Bio-Tek ELx800, 311, 312e
Dynatech MR 4000/5000/7000
Titertek Multiskan MCC/340
Titertek Multiskan MCC/340 Stacker

The following ELISA readers are supported by other Customized Applications, Inc. software, and  will be included in ELISA Calc, ELISA Calc Lite, and TERIS  if there is sufficient demand.
Bio Rad
Molecular Devices UVmax
SLT 400FT, 400 ATC
SLT 400SF+

If you have a reader that you would like included in any of the programs, let us know at  Info@Customized-Applications.com

 Laboratory Information System Support
The current versions of  ELISA Calc (V 4.5) and TERIS (V 4.5) support these Laboratory Information Systems:


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