Downloading the TERIS /mv Tutorial
The TheraTest ELISA Reader Information System / millennium version

The TERIS /mv Tutorial download is approximtely 21.5MB.   A password is not required, and TERIS /mv does not have to be installed on your system to use the tutorial

Please complete the form below and press the Submit button to download the program.   The items marked with a * are required.  


Using the TERIS /mv Tutorial

The tutorial includes a Microsoft PowerPoint viewer,  uses Microsoft Agent talking, animated characters, and was developed using Vox Proxy from Right Seat Software.  

Run setupTERISTutorial.exe  after downloading it.  You will have an opportunity to select a folder in which to place the tutoral files.  Be sure to note the folder name.

Make sure that the computer speakers are turned on.  

Click the Start button on the Windows Taskbar and choose Run.  Enter or browse to  file  TERISTutorial.bat
If you are using the Windows Explorer or My Computer facility, locate and double-click on the file TERISTutorial.bat

If you experience any difficulties of any kind, please e-mail  or phone Customized Applications at 708 754-7859.

Thank you for trying TERIS /mv.   

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