Here is a list of some of our custom programming projects.

For a National Institute of Health funded research project to monitor the concentration of therapeutic drugs in blood samples from HIV-AIDS patients.
Design and implement a database and calculation system for a clinical study.  Samples are collected at different clinics in the United States of America and analyzed at laboratories located around the world.  
The database system maintains patient questionnaire data, tracks sample locations, collects labratory results, and presents the data for statistical analysis.  
The calculation system collects data from a fluorometer and calculates results.  

For several university research laboratories, clinical service laboratories, and a large hospital hematology laboratory:
Control ELISA readers and automatic pipetting devices.  Collect data, calculate results for a variety of medical test kits, print quality control and patient reports, and transmit the results to a laboratory information system.

For a manufacturer of medical instruments, and for a manufacturer of immunological test kits for clinical laboratories:
Customize, distribute, and support branded versions of the ELISA Calc program to collect, calculate, and report results of  data from ELISA readers and transmit results to laboratory information systems.

For a consortium of race tracks:
Collect horse race entries and results from files and from keyboard entry.  Transmit the results in different formats to the unique production printing systems of different newspapers.  Post the entries and results data to a web site.

For a paper company:
Collect and analyze data from customer preference surveys and from quality control reports.  Reformat the data for various statistical analysis and modeling programs.  Formulate models to achieve optimal settings for paper making equipment.

For a medical office:
Design and implement a medical database system with programs that collect patient data from keyboard entry, collect laboratory data from computerized sources, and print a variety of presentation quality reports.

For an Employee Benefits Consulting firm:
Implement programs to illustrate various flexible employee benefit programs

For an engineering firm:
Design and implement project management, time keeping, and billing systems.

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